When it comes to men’s wallets, the list of types, options, and materials is a country mile long. Styles vary from the simplest ID wallet to traditional bifold or trifold wallet to checkbook wallets, passport wallets, and more. For the purpose of this article, we’ll focus on the bifold vs. trifold wallet debate.

Bifold vs Trifold Wallet

Trifold wallets have three sections with two folds. Being folded twice makes trifold wallets thicker than bifold wallets, but depending on the design, it’s possible for a trifold wallet to take up less space in a pocket than a bifold. Since the wallet is divided into thirds, it can provide more space than a bifold for bills, cards, or coins.

Bifold wallets have two sections and are folded in half. Since it’s folded only once, a bifold wallet is usually slimmer than a tri-fold (depending on how it’s filled, of course). Although the two sections, as opposed to the three in a trifold, provide a bit less room for contents, the slimmer design typically makes a better option for carrying the wallet in a pants pocket.

Really, the trifold vs bifold wallet debate is simply settled by preference. The more important issue is finding a high-quality wallet, whatever the style, that can handle strenuous use—and look good doing it.

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